Frequency Meter - Analog Portable - Choose 40-50-60 Hz or 45-50-55Hz, 45-55-65Hz, 80-100-120Hz

Analog Portable Meters
Order Code 20026


Tesca Portable Indicating (Pointer) Type Meter is designed for continuously traceable measurement of frequency in laboratories, research rooms, schools, production lines, etc. One of the speciality in the design of this instrument is the application of a frequency-to DC current transducer to a high sensitivity moving coil type indicator. Accurate, quick, frequency measurements are attained with this instrument without any noticeable
influence of line voltage fluctuation or waveform distortion. The legible wide scale is perfectly uniform graduated.

Movement : Moving Coil Type with 'ZERO' adjustment on front panel.
Range : 40-50-60 Hz, 45-50-55 Hz, 45-55-65Hz, 80-100-120 Hz.
Rated Voltage: 110/230/440V (Multirange) single phase.
Accuracy : ± 0.5Hz as per ISS 1248/2003, BSS 89.

  • Knife edge Pointer & Anti-parallax mirror scale.
  • Tough Bakelite Case : The complete body of the instrument is made from superior grade of bakelite. Unique design makes it very strong in construction and at the same time provides very high insulation.
  • Shock resistant Pivot jewel movements : The pivots are made from Carbon Steel hard chrome plated and are mounted in spring loaded sapphire jewels. This ensures shock resistance due to vibrations in transit and minimum friction during use.
  • Dust Proof : The Movement is placed in a separate compartment making it completely dust proof, thus ensuring long life and years of trouble free service.
  • Quick Response due to unique damping.
  • Confirming to BS 89, IEC 51 & ISS 1248.