Wattmeter (Digital Portable), Single Phase, Unity PF

Digital Portable Meters
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Portable Digital Ammeters, Voltmeters and Frequency meter are designed for AC, DC and True RMS measurements, Single phase Portable Digital Wattmeters can measure power in single phase systems with unity power factor (P.F. = 1.0) and Low Power factor (P.F. = 0.2). These instruments are more rugged, reliable and accurate than analog meters, They are light in weight , compact in size and stylish in design. They do not have any moving parts. Display is bright Red LED’s. There is no confusion of anti parallax scale.
A Single instrument covers a wide range, (as compared to analog meters) reducing the number of instruments required, thus saving cost and space. These instrument are much lighter in weight and easy to carry. These instruments are ideal for educational institutes.

3½ Digit Bright Red LED Display 1999 (max) for Volts, Ampere and Low Power Factor Wattmeters
4 ½ Digit Bright Red LED Display. 19999 (max) for Unity Power Factor Wattmeters
3 Digit Brigit Red LED Display. 999 (max) for Frequency meters
Light, Compact Sleek Design
Accurate Readings
High resolution as compared to analog instruments
No moving parts thus eliminating friction, wear and tear and enhancing life or instruments.
Distinct readings eliminating ambiguity in readings
Auxillary supply 20VAC. (Availability) of other ranges is subject to technical feasibility

Display : 3 ½ Digit 14.2 mm (0.56”) Ht. Bright Red for Volts, Current, Low PF Watts.
4 ½ Digit 14.2 mm (0.56”) Ht. Bright Red for Unity PF Watts.
3 Digit 14.2 mm (0.56”) Ht. Bright Red for Frequency.
Sampling Time : 0.4 Sec. (approx)
Frequency Range : 40-400Hz for AC Volts, Ampere meters, 50Hz for Wattmeters
Over range Indication : ‘1’ is Displayed in MSD for 3 ½ digit meters, ‘0000’ is flashing in 4½ digit meters
Polarity : ‘-’ is displayed for negative. No indication for positive
Aux. Power Source : AC 20V ± 10% (50-60Hz)
Power Consumption : < 5VA
Operating Temperature : 0° - 50°C
Storage Temperature : -10° - 70°C
Max. Rel. Humidity : £ 90% non condensing
Dielectric Strength : AC 2 KV for 1 min. Between input and power terminals
Insulation Resistance : Over 20 Megohms at 500V DC